Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pick Me Pick Me!!

Well if you've read my 2 previous posts, you'll recall how I've made mention of having a few favorite fabulous blogs I like to take a peek at for inspiration & ideas. (if you haven't read them- why not? Just kidding- glad you're here now) Well yeah honestly it may not be just a peek, cause that would mean I briefly take a glance & I'll confess it is like an addiction.  There are so many talented people sharing so many fun ideas & delicious recipes.  You never know what you can create when you let your imagination take control. But that's a whole other post, back to the point.

One of the blogs I've come across is called Sugar & Meringue it has some really cute ideas.  The whole blog is just cute- I love the design & little pictures.  It's saved as one of my favorites.  Anyhow, last night after I finished my post I decided to take a few peeks at my favs and visited Sugar & Meringue and saw  that she has a fun giveaway.  Honestly who doesn't like a chance to win something free??  Honestly!

I loved this for 3 reasons:  1: I love the chance to win something free.  2. I think the dress is beautiful.  3.  I have been looking for new websites with vintage inspired clothing especially dresses. And now I've found one: Shabby Apple  4.  I would love to win this dress.  OH wait, I said 3 reasons didn't I?  And I already mentioned... oh well! 

The fun thing is...
You could have a chance to win this dress too!!  Just click here if you haven't already clicked on one of the other links (I know you may have gotten excited) and read how you can enter for a chance to win. 
Again, honestly who doesn't like to be a winner?  And even if you don't win, you've discovered a cute blog Sugar & Meringue and a new store to shop at Shabby Apple.  Really I just love both those names don't you?  
And your already a winner in my book!
I love giveaways!!  Can't wait to have my own~ oh yeah, I'll be having some giveaways~ I love giving away gifts~ the package & bows.  So keep a look out for my first giveaway!!  But in the meantime, GOOD LUCK with Sugar & Meringue's Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway.  Sugar & Meringue PICK ME PICK ME!!


  1. Thank you! The winner will be random but I'd love to have it sent to you!

    Emily (Sugar and Meringue)

  2. i love your website :D