Friday, January 7, 2011

Along the Way We'll Meet Some Friends

I often like to think of life as a journey~ sometimes we may not know which direction to go, but one thing we must always remember is that we're not alone.  You never know who you'll meet along the way.  
You should greet everyone like they're a potential friend~ a smile can brighten up anyone's day, a single word of kindness can mean more than a long talk  Be sincere, be kind ~ in these days we're often so rushed we forget that a simple act can make a huge impact.

For along the way we'll meet some friends.

With today's technology we have endless possibilities with communications & keeping in touch ~ even connecting with people we'd otherwise never have met ~ or touching base with an old friend. Infinite opportunities to share your passions and creativity~ perfect example~ my blog!  Which I am absolutely loving.  I have been thinking about so many ideas and things to share... this really is exciting!

My fridge is currently overflowing with sweets from the holidays & cupcakes from the contest~ so I'm currently trying to be good and holding off on baking anything else~ it's killing me~ but I've been pretty good at practicing patience lately so... I'll be good.  But I will be baking up something soon to share.  In the meantime...

I'd like to introduce you to another blog; Sweetapolita it really is a charming site ~ I love her blogs & I must say she's got some of the cutest little girls I've ever seen.  So again today I did a few clicks through my favs and came across Sweetapolita's new post including an exciting giveaway & a recipe I am dying to make.  And let me say the title absolutely caught my eye:  Country Vanilla Pie & IceMilk Apron Giveaway doesn't it sound delicious??  Mmm mmm Yum!! 

The aprons are simple yet elegant ~ reminds me of days passed when times were much simpler ~ days of our Grandmothers, mothers or maybe even your youth.  I can't say which one is on my wishlist...

images from IceMilk Aprons website
Sweetapolita is giving you a chance to win a beautiful apron from IceMilk Aprons.  I mean honestly a beautiful apron for the kitchen is like a necessity isn't it?  Plus, finding new & exciting ideas can be like making a new friend.  Enjoy & Good luck!  Thanks Sweetapolita for all your inspiration.

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