Monday, January 3, 2011

How Cracked Eggs & Spilled Milk Came to Be

Let’s just say it wasn’t a sudden ayah moment it has been a moment’s thought here & there, a should I could I, do I dare. And then today with a few days into the New Year, I told myself I have nothing to fear. So here I am with just a few plans- a rhyme and a rhythm for you my friends.

But enough of that, I’ll just cut to the chase and give it to you straight. I have had some extra time on my hands to focus a little on a few of the things I love to do- writing & baking. Honestly I can’t tell you which I love more- guess it just depends on the moment. With the extra time I have also come across some amazing and inspirational blogs- that well inspired me. So over a course of time I played with the idea of creating a blog of my own to share some fun recipes, stories and pictures- things that inspire me & will hopefully inspire you.
The name came to me after seeing a picture of cracked eggs and then I thought- life is kind of like cracked eggs and spilled milk at times. As is being in the kitchen- whether you love being in the kitchen or hate it or have a love/hate relationship- we have all had that moment of frustration, when we felt like we could cry over the cracked eggs and spilled milk. When you’re trying a new recipe and nothing seems to be going right, or you have company coming over on short notice & you’re not sure what to serve, or you drop an egg and it was the last one left, or the milk spilled all over the counter. Yeah that’s life- it happens to us all, those little blunders. But as with each bite of a delicious meal or dessert that just melts in your mouth. Life has those beautiful moments’ ones you’ll cherish forever. And we mustn’t fret over things we have no control.
So with a start of a New Year I decided it was time to make some plans and stick to them- I don’t think I want to call them resolutions because well, honestly I don’t think anyone ever really sticks to those. So we’ll just call it; a list of “to-do’s”- I think I can make a list and feel accomplished when I cross a few off.

Create a Food Blog 1/3/11
Enter a Cupcake contest Created 2 cupcakes recipes in less than 6 hours whew. 1/2/11
Finish my Script & learn Final Draft
Drink more water
Read more
Write more of my children’s story
Bake More
Take more pictures
Start & finish a scrap book

I won’t bore you with a complete list of my to-do’s- I’m sure you have your fair share. I hope one of them is to come back to my blog to check for new entries. I promise to share a combination of fun things- if it’s not completely homemade I’ll show you a few tips and tricks to dress it up pretty (honestly they’ll never know then). And if you have any suggestions or requests send them my way- life is about the adventure & I am willing to try new things and share.


  1. Keep up the good work Helena! Your writing and baking are excellent! Very cute blog!

  2. Helena,
    Your blog is just inspiring! I love the way you view life and your way with words! Deb