Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Supporting a cause and giving tribute to a survivor!

I am extremely honored and excited for this post. It is honestly a very short blog this time, even if I have been absent lately.  I do promise for some new recipes soon.  And already have one in mind~ the fresh grapefruits on my tree are awaiting their purpose.

However, please go to Frosting for a Cause were I am being featured as a guest blogger on this wonderful site where as they say "Together we are Baking a Difference".  This is a cause near and dear to my heart and I feel so honored to join 365 other bloggers from across the US and Canada with hopes of bringing awareness and a cure to the fight against cancer. It is with efforts and talents of wonderful people and organizations like Frosting for a Cause that adds hope and light to our future.

My tribute was to a dear friend and even as I type this I know many others who deserve the same tributes, wonderful brave women who have faced cancer as a survivor or women who lost the battle to this horrendous disease. Families faced with the emotions of seeing loved ones battle or living with memories of loved ones lost.  We must not forget that together we can make a difference.   

A great quote: 
Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.  ~Edmund Burke

Every little bit adds up to the greater picture. And Frosting for a Cause is a wonderful example of what a difference can be made by being creative and doing what may seem little in the grand scheme of things-however it does have a mighty impact!

Please visit Frosting for a Cause to see my guest post and get the recipe for the delicious cookies pictured below:

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